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Our Members

We have 40 dedicated members and growing. We are always looking for new members who are passionate about our mission. By joining us, you can be part of a movement that will make a real difference in people’s lives. 


"I like being a part of Smart Initiatives because not only am I making a difference in the community, I get to grow closer to my friends in the process. It elevates me to becoming a better person."
-Beckett Pettigrew

"I love being a part of Smart Initiatives because I know what some less fortunate kids live like and I want to give back to those kids and give them the opportunities they deserve."
                  -Zaylin Bindel

"There is a special joy that comes with helping others and being able to do it with your close friends"
          -Nate Coyle

"Being a part of Smart Initiatives has been a great experience, and it is nice to be part of an organization that works to impact others positively." 
-Katie Rohrer
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