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About Us

Smart Initiatives is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded in February 2023. Our mission is to provide students in need with access to school supplies, essential materials, and other resources that can help them succeed academically. We understand that not all students have the same access to resources, and it's our goal to change that! We rely on donations and sponsorships from generous individuals and businesses to help fund our initiatives. Without the support of our community, we wouldn’t be able to help so many people and make a difference in their lives. We invite you to join us on our mission and help us make a positive impact on our world. 

Pencils and Notebooks

Our Leadership Team

Smart Initiatives is a student-led organization founded by Steven Martini, a student from Byron Nelson High School with a passion for giving back to his community. Steven is also the president and leads the organization alongside Board Members - Zaylin Bindel, Traeton KraustchJack Korthas, Nate Coyle, Clint Hennig, Heidi Neron, and Beckett Pettigrew. The team behind Smart Initiatives is committed to making a difference through creative initiatives and new ideas.

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